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Shopping for a mortgage: banks or mortgage broker

Before you settle on a mortgage, know the importance of shopping around and where to look for the best deals. Not every bank or mortgage broker is going to offer the same loan options. Doing a little shopping around until you find the best deal for you, will save you money in the long run.

7 Financial Moves You Should Not Make as a Home Buyer

When you apply for a loan it’s important you keep your credit standing in the same condition (or better) throughout the entire process. There are several things buyers mistakenly do that can cause problems in the loan process, or even suddenly make it impossible to buy a home because they no longer qualify for a loan. This video will give you 7 important things to avoid doing, so that your credit standing remains intact throughout until closing.

Is a Pre-Listing Inspection Smart?

When selling a home, the inspection usually takes place after you already have a buyer and have signed a contract. Although this is the traditional method for home sellers to follow, it’s not necessarily the best. Having an inspection done before you put your home on the market for sale has a lot of different benefits. For one, knowing of any defects in the home upfront allows you to repair them before the buyer even knows about them. This will definitely increase your bottom line. To learn more about the benefits of pre-listing inspections, watch this short video.