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Custom Search Chicagoland Homes For Sale, And Find Your Ideal Property With Ease

If you’re looking to find your ideal property from the thousands of Chicagoland homes for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a residential home, a commercial property, or an investment property, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-use custom search portal will help you filter through all the different kinds of properties in the Chicagoland area, and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Unlike some other realty websites, we include as much detail about a property as possible from the MLS listing service. We believe that the more information you have, the better position you’re in to decide if a property is an ideal match for you. The listings include informative photos and vital information such as school boundaries, which can affect the resale value of the home, and a lot more.

We want to be your trusted partner throughout your property search and homeownership journey. Not only will we help you identify the perfect property, but we will also help you throughout the negotiation and closing process as your “buyer’s agent”. Once you become a homeowner, you can leverage our years of experience and expertise for helpful advice on things like home insurance, maintenance, and more.

The property search and buying process can be complicated and overwhelming. Our goal is to help you through each step along the way and make the process as simple and easy as possible. When searching for Chicagoland homes for sale, you can count on the experienced real estate agents at PropertyUp.

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If you’re looking for a commercial property for sale in Chicago, we can help you find the right one. Maybe you’re looking at office space for your business or a warehouse for your operations. Either way, we can help you identify an industrial property for sale or a commercial property for lease in Chicago, as well as in the suburbs.

investment properties


We can help you find a Chicagoland investment property that’s a match for your unique needs. Our market analytics will help you understand which areas are easier to sell homes in, and how quickly you can expect to sell. We also help you find the right financing. Along with regular financing, we can help you find private lenders to sponsor your investment deal, no money down loans, or non-conventional financing like rent-to-own deals.

foreclosed and short-sale properties


Find some amazing home deals from our database of Chicagoland short sale and foreclosed properties. A short sale is when an owner is looking to sell their home for less than what they owe due to financial distress. A foreclosure is when the property is repossessed by the lender. Either way, these home deals can be great deals for investors. Use our unique data analytics feature to identify which properties might be ideal candidates for rehab projects, so you can maximize your profits when you sell.

recently sold properties


Use our dedicated search function to find homes that have sold recently in the area of your interest. Maybe you’re interested in buying property in a certain neighborhood, and you want to find out how much homes are selling for. Or you might be simply interested in seeing if there are any newly available homes there. Either way, our Chicagoland recently sold properties search function will help you get the right information.

new property for sale


Want a brand new property that has just been built, or is currently under construction in a certain subdivision? Maybe you’d like to custom design the interiors, or you don’t want to do any maintenance work on your new home, or you simply don’t want to live in a home with prior residents. Whatever your reason, you can use our search function to find a new Chicagoland property for sale.

mixed use properties


A mixed use property is a special type of property that is used for both residential and commercial purposes. For example, you could live on the top floor of the property, and rent out the other floors or use them as office space. These property types are great to develop additional sources of income, but they require special zoning permits from the county. We can help you find a Chicagoland mixed use property that would fit your goals.

houses with pools


Looking for a house with a pool? Not a problem. Within each Chicagoland area we cover, you can search for houses with pools. Additionally, you can also search for houses that are on a golf course, or waterfront properties.

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Chicago is regularly ranked as one of the most livable cities in America. That should be no surprise with its magnificent skyline, beautiful lakefront, numerous parks, world-class dining and shopping, and wide-ranging cultural events. Whether you’re looking for a trendy loft in the West Loop, a modern high-rise apartment close to the lake, an elegant townhome in Lincoln Park, or a home in any of the various other Chicagoland neighborhoods, we’ve got you covered.

chicago real estate market report


If you’re searching for homes for sale in Chicago, we have detailed market reports for each of Chicago’s 77 official communities. You can find out if the market is balanced, or if it’s favorable to either buyers or sellers. We also provide a lot of relevant information about each market, like how long it takes to sell a home on average, what types of homes you can expect within your budget, pricing trends, and more.

list property for sale


List your property for sale with us and take advantage of our cutting-edge home selling system. We’ll showcase your property in the best light, help you get targeted market exposure, and make sure that you get the best offer for your home. Our listing services include a custom website for your home, targeted ad campaigns, and a guarantee to sell your home within 59 days.

the right agent for the job


At Property Up, our experienced team of Realtors have in-depth knowledge about Barrington and the surrounding areas, making sure you find your ideal home for the right price. They can also provide you with all the necessary information about a certain area. If you’re looking for a property outside our area of expertise, we’ll be happy to connect you with an agent from our elite network of partner agents, ensuring that you receive outstanding service.