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Bar tavern opportunity!!! This is an ongoing and popular bar tavern business with a fine 2-bed apartment above it. The bar's sound system is "state of the art", there is great looking and enclosed beer garden and an efficient traffic pattern. The property is fenced, well maintained and updated. More importantly, this property is on a major state route which is only 1 2 mile of another major state route and that indicates that the property is strategically located and destined for great future. Opportunities for improvement are many, but just to mention only one: add video poker machines! You may also purchase entire property that includes, in addition to this fine ongoing and popular bar tavern business with a fine 2-bed apartment above it, a single great 3-bed house in adjacent lot. Total square footage of entire land is about 1.5 acres (MLS Listing #09810926). Moreover, there are three Olympic class volleyball courts, 12,000 sq. Ft. Of pristine sand.

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