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Hi there, looks like you’re shopping for a new home. Spending hours going through listings, visiting open houses, making calls, and doing drive bys.

There is a lot easier way to shop for a home and save time and money, too.

Purchasing real estate is different than just about anything else you’ll purchase in life. In home buying there are agents to guide buyers and sellers through the process and rarely do the buyer and seller speak directly. The person listing the home represents the seller, and only the seller.

When you call and talk to the listing agent about a home, their goal is to find out as much as they can about you and use it later in negotiations hoping to get a higher price for their seller. At the same time they keep all they know about the seller confidential, so you get no bargaining power.

If you deal with the seller’s agent you are unrepresented.

So here’s what you can do to get a Realtor of your very own! You can sign a contract with an agent to represent you, called a buyer’s agent.

You’re probably thinking about who you know who is a Realtor. Your co-worker’s mom just got her real estate license and think you’ll call her.

Hold on a second though, all real estate agents are not the same and you want to be sure you choose someone with lots of experience as a buyer’s agent to help you with the largest financial transaction of your life.

No matter what Realtor you call, unless you sign a buyer’s agency agreement contract with them, they are what’s called a sub-agent of the seller and you might as well be talking to the seller’s agent, because they still represents the seller. You may be their”customer” but you won’t be their “client” which is a legal distinction of responsibility.

So, here’s what to do. Contact a real estate professional experienced in providing services to buyers, and sign a buyer’s agency agreement. The contract establishes a legal agreement and makes you their client, not their customer.

This costs you nothing, the buyer’s agent fee is part of the agreed upon pricing of the home. And in case you’re wondering, you also cannot deduct this fee if you do not use a buyer’s agent.

So what does a buyer’s agent do for you? A buyer’s agent will schedule and show you all homes you want to see, with multi-home tours, search sold homes to recommend the best price, give advice about inspections, send you listings, offer ideas for negotiation strategy, write an offer for your benefit , negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the closing with loyalty to you.

The extent of service you will receive from the listing agent is for them to tell you what’s great about the home and why you should pay full price. Plus any offer written will be written to the benefit of the seller.

Ask the PropertyUp team of experienced buyer’s agents to represent you and sign a buyer representation agreement before you start looking at homes.

To get started, select the “Find Me a Buyer’s agent” and we will assist you in locating the buyer’s agent who is right for you