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Spring Clean Up – Blog

Spring Clean Up

It’s finally spring, and along with that comes spring cleaning. We’re not just talking about the interior, but taking a good look at the exterior of your home, the yard, and the mechanical systems will go a long way to keeping your home in good shape. If you are considering selling, these items will also be important to spruce up for making the best impression on prospective buyers.


Foundation – Start from the ground up and take a good look at your foundation. Check in your basement and see if you have had any water seepage, if so, pinpoint the location on the exterior so you know where the problem needs to be addressed.  Sometimes just changing the grading, making sure it slopes away from the house is a quick fix. Other times there may be a crack that needs professional attention.

In either event, check over the foundation, looking for compromises, cracks, holes, loose mortar and other imperfections and fix them or call a professional.

Gutters – Gutters are made to collect water and debris and they are generally a mess after fall and winter.  Unless you have gutter guards, your gutters probably are full of leaves and other debris that needs to be removed. Once cleaned, make sure water runs freely and drains through your downspouts. Fix anything not working properly and be sure to direct water from the downspouts well away from the foundation.

Siding Cleaning your siding is a good way to  keep your home looking fresh and to be sure that algae and mold do not grow.  Rent a power washer, or hire a professional to help with this task. Be sure to practice using a power washer if you are not familiar with the machine.

Caulking – Caulking is important for keeping insects, cold, and rain out of your house.  If caulking around doors or windows is compromised, remove the old and replace with new. This is a job a handyman could do if you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself.

Windows – Windows get dirty, and after a long winter, they are bound to need cleaning, and that means screens too. Be sure to see if any windows  or screens need repairs or replacement.

Doors – Make sure that your doors are working properly, clean glass and screens and replace anything that needs replacing. Take a good look at hardware and hinges, as well and see if those need to be fixed or replaced.

Roof – Your roof may have collected leaves or other debris or even algae over the winter. If your roof needs repair, take care of that, and if it just needs cleaning, contact a company that specializes in roof shampooing.

Decks and Porches – These areas are often wooden and anything wooden needs maintenance. A deck with stain probably will need to be restained every 5 years if not more frequently.  Check for loose fittings or parts and be sure everything is sturdy and clean.


DWV system – Check the pipes that move sewage away from your home, and if you have a septic tank this is a good time to check that as well. Make sure that these items are working well and clear or debris.

Hot Water Heater – An annual inspection of your hot water heater is a good idea. Taking a look and making sure there isn’t rust (which can be a forerunner to failure) and that your settings look correct is a good idea. Also check for carbon monoxide leaks, which is a lethal, odourless gas.

Heat Pump or Furnace – Changing the filter monthly is required maintenance, but  it’s a good idea to have an HVAC specialist look at the Heat Pump or Furnace annually to be sure it’s working properly. 

Air Conditioner – Having an HVAC professional check your central air conditioning system can save you a lot of time and trouble with unexpected outages at the worst of times.


Landscaping – Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your landscaping is freshened up by cleaning up left over leaves, debris, sticks, etc. In additional, fresh bark, and aesthetic improvements are always a good thing to do in the spring.

Sprinklers – If you have underground sprinkling, spring is the time to make sure that everything is working well, replacing heads that need replacing and adjusting things as necessary.  There are many companies who can help with your sprinkler needs if necessary.

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