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Buying and Financing Your Home Purchase: What to Look For

Financing is just one component of buying a home. Before you get to the stage where you must borrow money, you must first isolate the home you wish to buy and figure out how much money you can put into this all-important part of living the American dream. A good place to start is by

Buying Foreclosure REO—the Ups and Downs of Doing That

Buying foreclosure REO from a bank or mortgage company can be a good choice for you or depending on the particular circumstances, can turn out to be a nightmare. REO stands for “real estate owned” and represents a property that the lender has taken back through foreclosure and which is now titled in the lender’s

How a CMA Can Help You as a Buyer?

When You Want to Make an Offer on a Home in Barrington When you, as a buyer, want to make an offer on a Barrington, IL, home for sale, a CMA, or certified market analysis, can be of help to you. Even though you are probably working with a Barrington realtor, the CMA can tell