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How PropertyUp Sold Linda’s Home in 17 days


We are proud to announce that they helped Linda sell her home in 17 days when it had previously been on the market for three years.

“It went back on the market with John in January and we got showings right away,” said Linda. “I was really surprised because in the winter, you don’t usually get much.”

One of the reasons Linda listed with Property Up was that we are technologically advanced. We use technology to market homes to the largest pool of buyers possible. We also have an app that allows home sellers to know when buyers want a showing, if a showing time has changed, and gives the seller the chance to confirm or deny the showing.

We also immediately sent comps to the lender when the home didn’t appraise. “This particular offer was a VA mortgage,” said Linda. “John sent the comps right away, they matched the price we were asking for, and then it proceeded.”

“John saw what I saw in the property. It’s an older house, but it’s a specialty property out here on the river,” Linda added. “The other companies I talked to said it wasn’t worth what I saw it was worth. John never hesitated, and he got it!”

We are proud to have helped Linda sell her property for what it was truly worth. Congratulations, Linda!

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