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The facts about Flood Insurance. Do you need it?

Know the facts about flood insurance. Do you need it? What does it cover and what it doesn’t it cover? If you’re near water or thinking of buying near water this video could save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Doing electrical repairs ahead of listing saves time and money

There are many repairs a home owner can get ahead of when they are thinking of listing their home and simple electrical repairs are some of the easiest. A quick look at outlets and addressing issues can save a lot of time, hassle and money rather than waiting until after an inspector finds issues.

Use extra care when buying bank owned homes

Banks may do cosmetic updates to bank owned properties but new cabinets, carpeting, fixtures and windows are not all that is important. There are structural issues, and other things that a buyer should look at and not get distracted at how cosmetically updated the home is. In this video John shows some problems not addressed that could cost a buyer a lot of money to fix.