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Our Story

Our founder John Herman, who is the heart and soul of PropertyUp,  has been in the business of helping people realize their home ownership dreams for over 12 years. With every story he heard from his clients about their previous agents, he knew there had to be a better way to provide assistance. Having heard countless times about botched transactions; lengthy, drawn out sales; cirumstances where he knew money could have been saved or made, he became more aware that a network of seasoned professionals would help promote better real estate experiences for everyone. John began compiling a list of the best agents he worked with and eventually formed a network where criteria of education, professionalism, responsiveness, experience, and proven track records of satisfied customers was key. This is the backbone of PropertyUp!

Our Bottom Lines

We believe that a successful company needs to be accountable to more than one bottom line. These four bottom lines guide our daily decision-making, and our organizational priorities.

  • Best Service We believe that providing great customer service is the single most successful way of growing a business and making customers, and ourselves, happy.
  • Fast Results We won’t sacrifice quality for speed, but we know that real estate is a time-based business and we want the fastest results possible for our customers.
  • Great Value Our negotiation strategies are designed to bring the highest possible value and maximum return on investment for our every customers.

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