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Need to change some habits? Moving homes may help, scientists say

Moving Homes or relocating to a new city? This is your “window of opportunity” to start a new habit and most important to keep it.

Want to start a new habit? Some scientists are saying try starting over in your new home!!

When a major change occurs in your life like getting a new job, finding new love, or moving into a new home, some of our routines can suddenly change or even disappear altogether. Such times are ideal for creating new and better habits!

Consider a study of people who wanted to change their eating habits and go on a diet, 36 percent of those who were successful had recently moved to a new home. Now that is a high percentage!
Another study found that students who wanted to start exercising more were much more likely to succeed if they had recently enrolled at a new university.

Moving Homes? Window of opportunity to start new habits.

The results suggest that there is a definite ‘window of opportunity’ after a big life change for someone to change their behavior. In one study, the team found the ‘window’ lasted three months.

Research has also found that the health of the marriage and divorce can largely impact eating and exercise habits. Divorced men, for example, often gain weight; conversely, women tend to gain weight after marriage.

So why do major life changes make it easier to adopt new bad/good habits?

During a major change in life the unknowns make people generally more open to new ideas and information. Life transitions such as moving into a new home presents an amazing opportunity to influence your habits.
A fresh start on life and makes it easier to create new routines.

Say you are moving into a new home in a better school district and you also benefit cut out driving your child to school or worry about packing kids lunch. This may give you extra time to go to a gym in the morning.

Maybe you moving into an area close to grocery story with lots of healthy food chooses…. or your new house has a nice kitchen that you always dreamed off to start cooking all those great healthy meals.

If you are thinking of moving, the team at PropertyUp works hard to be your trusted real estate advisor and to help you get your new start on new life, and help with starting new habits, wherever your destination may be.

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